Monday, 16 December 2013


To begin with, the title of this post makes sense if you have ever written a computer program :p.
This is my first ever blog post so do try and be kind, but that's definitely not a prerequisite for following my blog.

The reasons why I have started this blog are as follows:
1. I am about to enter the final semester of my undergraduate education in Electrical Engineering and I am waiting for the results of my PhD applications. So, I have some free time that I would like to fill up with an interlude.
2. I am really fascinated by certain inter-disciplinary topics such as Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Image Processing (Computer Science and Electrical Engineering being the disciplines in question) and I wanted to share my thoughts with the world as I explore.

This blog might be useful for people who stumbled upon the idea that computers might someday take over our world (thanks to Hollywood which seems to be thoroughly excited by the idea and prospects of endless profits the idea might fetch at the Box Office) and would like to know exactly how human researchers have been facilitating it.

But on a more serious note, this century might see a remarkable change in how computers interpret this world of humans and make logical inferences from it. It might be worthwhile to participate if not lead the revolution. So, together let us embark on a journey into how Artificial Intelligence plays a role in our lives today and fathom how this might change in a couple of decades.

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